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WeatherXM Network Association

The "WeatherXM Network Association" was established on 14-Dec-2023, pursuant to Articles 60 to 79 of the Swiss Civil Code. It is an independent legal entity with legal capacity and is governed by Swiss law. It has a registered office and administration in Zug, Switzerland.


The purpose of the Association is to grow and develop the open source blockchain protocol WeatherXM and its surrounding community and ecosystem.

The Association may develop, deploy, and operate technologies and applications that are related to its purpose. While the Association does not pursue commercial purposes and does not strive for profit, it may accept donations from third persons and act as fiduciary to pursue its purpose.



Applications for admission must be addressed to the Board. The Board renders the final decision on the admission of new members based on the criteria and procedures approved by the Board. The Board shall have the right to define the membership application process and membership requirements.

Membership Fee

The annual membership fee is determined by the Board. The Board may waive the collection of membership fees.

End of Membership and Expulsion

Members may resign from the Association at any time, provided that they notify the Board (mail, email, or any other method of communication as determined and notified to each Member in writing by the Board) at least thirty (30) days in advance. The Board may expel a Member by written notice in case a Member is (i) in breach of these articles of association or any regulation of the Association or (ii) engaging in behaviour detrimental to the interests of the Association. Resigning or excluded Members do not receive a refund for any membership fees paid. The participation and voting rights of resigned or excluded Members cease at the same time as the resignation respectively exclusion. Resigning or excluded Members have no rights against the assets of the Association. Any obligation of a resigning or excluded Member in these Articles or other rules and regulations of the Association which, explicitly or by its nature, should survive resignation or expulsion of membership, will survive any such resignation or expulsion of membership.

Founding Members

Emmanouil Nikiforakis, Efstratios Theodorou, Nikolaos Tsiligaridis, Periklis Chatzidiakos, Athanasios Daskalopoulos, Panagiotis Vryonis, Nikolaos Pagkratis, Thodoris Mavroeidakos, Nikolaos Fotiadis, Ioannis Panagiotakis, Pavlos Tzegiannakis


The bodies of the Association are:

  • the General Assembly
  • the Board
  • the auditors (if elected by the General Assembly or required by law)
  • other bodies if determined by the General Assembly or the Board and established in the Articles of Association or regulations.

2024 WeatherXM Network Association