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WeatherXM Data Licensing and Usage

Commercial Use

In order to establish a price discovery mechanism, and allow teams to invest, innovate and build on top of the WeatherXM Dataset, we will auction four licenses that allow their holders to use our dataset commercially.

More specifically, the WeatherXM Network Association will auction four (4) licenses every year:

  1. Licensees will get the right to use the full WeatherXM Dataset commercially.
    Commercial uses include building and selling value-added services, selling access to the data set for the duration of the license, selling the data through a REST API, building B2B or B2C services that integrate the data, using the data in proprietary weather models.
  2. The duration of each license is one year (January 1, to December 31).
    The licensee can not make commercial use of the data after the license has expired.
  3. Acceptable bids must be in $WXM and the minimum bid is 100,000 $WXM.
  4. The auction starts on November 1 and is concluded on November 30 of the previous year.
  5. The auction is public, and bids will be submitted using a smart contract.
  6. The four licenses will be awarded to the four (4) highest bidders at the end of the auction. This is an English type, open bid auction.

Special provisions for 2024:

  • 2024 licenses will be auctioned 30 days after station rewards appear on the Arbitrum mainnet. The duration of the auction will be 15 days.
  • The auction will take place off-chain. Bidders must email with the amount of $WXM and proof (link to address on arbiscan) that they already hold the amount at the time of the bid. The association will make all bids received public.
    (Details for the 2024 auction will be announced before the auction starts.)

Non-commercial use

We believe that the value of the WeatherXM dataset extends much further than their commercial use. The commercial licenses awarded through auction will not limit non-commercial uses of the Network’s data.

Non-commercial, personal use is and will always be free and permissionless.

Academic use of the Network’s data will be in most cases free, but we require the institution intending to use the data to contact us first ( and get approval.

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