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$WXM Token

In order to enable the weather data ecosystem, WeatherXM Network will issue an ERC20 token called $WXM.

  • $WXM is the governance token that will be used to govern the WeatherXM Network. $WXM grants its holders voting rights.
  • $WXM is also used to acquire licensing rights on the Network's data.

The total supply of $WXM is 100,000,000.

$WXM tokens are allocated to Network participants and supporters for their contribution to the Network, such as weather data, expertise, research and software code.

Token allocation

The tokens are allocated to various participants of the Network as follows. The intention of the allocation is to provide governance rights to the people that have supported the Network development as well as people who contribute data to grow the Network.

52mStation rewards14,246 tokens will be distributed to station owners every day for providing data to the Network.
3mBeta testers3m tokens will be distributed to station owners that participated in the Network during its beta phase.
10mTreasury10m tokens are reserved in the Association's treasury. They will be used to support the WeatherXM ecosystem development.
5mMarket supply5m tokens will be provided to token exchanges as a way to allow other interested parties to join the WeatherXM ecosystem governance and/or license data
30mInitial supporters30m tokens will be allocated to initial supporters of the project

Locked tokens

  • Treasury tokens will be locked and they will be unlocked linearly during a 5 year period, starting from the day of the token launch.
  • Initial Supporters' tokens will be locked and they will be unlocked during a period of four (4) years, linearly with one year cliff.

Token Launch Day

The Token Launch Day is the day that the station owners will start receiving $WXM on the mainnet.





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