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Hardware manufacturers and hardware diversity

New weather stations

All devices (weather stations) that participate in the WeatherXM Network must be approved by the Association.

Our vision is to open the Network to any manufacturer who wants to create devices for it and to ensure device and data quality, the Association will:

  • publish the specifications required for a station to be approved and,
  • establish an approval process that hardware manufacturers will have to follow.

For every device approved, an onboarding fee of $100 will be paid to the Association.

Existing weather stations

As of the end of 2023, there are 7,795 weather stations participating in the WeatherXM Network. These devices were designed and manufactured by WeatherXM AG and partner company EXM PC. These devices have the approval of the Association.

List of Manufacturers and Resellers

This is a list of manufacturers and resellers of WeatherXM-approved weather stations:

2024 WeatherXM Network Association